See How ChangeMakers Helped Some of Your Wake Co. Neighbors Return to Productive Lives



The use of drugs and alcohol for recreational purposes is in no way a new concept for Americans. What is new, however, is our growing exposure to addictive prescription medication. These drugs, initially developed to reduce severe pain, have become an ever present factor of our society and is one that supersedes borders, cultural boundaries, and demographic differences.


In the 1990’s, with one in three Americans suffering from chronic pain, doctors were persuaded to treat pain as a chronic issue. Prescription drugs like OxyContin and Percocet were the tools provided by pharmaceutical companies to treat pain as a severe medical issue. Although these drugs treated short-term pain, they carry a dangerous side effect. Use of prescription pain killers often leads to addictive behavior and health complications. In 2014, nearly 19,000 Americans died from overdoses linked to opioid painkillers. But this number is dwarfed by the number of Americans who have become addicted. And when the prescriptions stop, heroin, fentanyl, and alcohol serve as much cheaper alternatives.

North Carolina includes four of the top 25 cities that are known for opioid use. The abuse of prescription pain killers and other illicit drugs is a problem that affects us all and is one that cannot be ignored. Whether it’s your neighbor, coworker, soccer coach, or even your child, we all know someone who is affected by this disease and is in desperate need of our help.

Buy a Day and Save Lives Like Dorothy’s


Healing Transitions focuses on addiction recovery. Our program, which shelters participants for 6 to 12 months, is free to Wake County residents. But this service can only be fueled by charitable donors, such as our ChangeMakers. 

Here’s where the ChangeMaker program comes in…

Addiction recovery in a hospital can be financially detrimental and treatment in prison is inconsistent. Healing Transitions’ program is cost efficient and has a proven record of success. Our ChangeMakers are people, just like you, who make a regular donation to a person in recovery for one day or more of treatment each month. To treat the growing addicted population, Healing Transitions needs a generation of these ChangeMakers. They are supporters who feel called to help us secure a stable revenue stream by donating a given amount each month.

The ChangeMakers consistent contribution, of any amount, allows us to budget in advance and is vital to providing the treatment needed to fight. Because we believe that all people, no matter what their past may be, can have a bright future.