For $40.00 a month, ChangeMakers give one more day of healing for a recovery program participant. Your monthly donation will provide us the resources necessary to help rebuild the lives of those affected by addiction. ChangeMakers are recognized for their support and, if they wish, will receive private updates from the individual who is recovering as a result of your generosity. 

The Stories

Sean's Story

Once a week, I’d have this haunting realization that everything was falling apart and I knew my life was doomed. After having this exhausting, depressing feeling week after week, I finally realized I couldn’t run or hide from it anymore...

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Dorothy's Story

I came back to the HP with a new resolve and to my surprise things began to get better! I loved those three months and learned more about myself and more about life skills than I have or ever will learn in my life! I also met my now husband who is also in the program and a former client of Healing Transitions...

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West's story

"The bus wouldn’t pick me up until four o’clock. So I waited. I had real thin clothes on and it was freezing but I had made my decision. I knew that if I went back to where I came from I would use again. So when the bus came, I got on and my life has moved forward ever since.”

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